Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Recipes

After harvesting my first tom, many years ago, I plucked the entire bird and then roasted it whole, like a Thanksgiving turkey.  The kitchen smelled so amazing, I couldn’t wait to carve the bird and dig in.

After hours of slow roasting, the bird was finally ready.  I laid a nice slab of breast meat on my plate, slathered a little gravy on top, and started eating.  It was one of the more disappointing experiences of my life.  The meat was dry, chewy, and just…sad tasting.  I felt horrible that I had wasted the bird.

That experience changed the way I work with wild turkey.  Instead of roasting the entire thing, I have spent time learning new cooking techniques, experimenting with different flavor profiles, and just having fun creating new wild turkey recipes that utilize both the breast and legs.  I hope you enjoy my favorites as much as I do.

Farmhouse Turkey Burger – Ground turkey and bacon burger topped with a fried egg, tangy gorgonzola cheese, and chipotle mayo.

Wild Turkey Chili – The ultimate comfort food: chili!

Wild Turkey Leg and Dumplings – Creamy turkey leg soup with carrots and celery and dumplings

Wild Turkey Tagliatelle – Slow roasted turkey breast tossed in a butter, garlic, marjoram sauce with tagliatelle noodles and zucchini.


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