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I can see, smell, and feel fall is on the horizon. Lately, in the evenings, I have been inclined to pull out a light jacket.  The light jacket is always the first sign of fall’s inevitable, but much anticipated, arrival. The leaves are just starting to lose their emerald green color.  This past weekend on the mountain, I saw tiny, almost unnoticeable, dots of yellow dancing in green bushes. And of course, everyone is talking about baking dutch apple pies and pumpkin is starting to show up in the stores. I love fall!

Fall also means hunting season, and more specifically bird hunting season. I know I am excited for pheasant and duck season.  And I am pretty sure my excitement is peaking the interest of my two Labrador retrievers.  Their life is about to get good again.  Gone are the dog days of summer and coming are weekends of beautiful fall weather filled with brush pushing, mud stomping, and bird chasing days.

In honor of my two furry friends, I have compiled a list of my favorite bird dog blogs. Each of these blogs provide not only information and tips for working with bird dogs, but they also include heart warming and tugging stories about some of the author’s best bird hunting buddies. One of the things I enjoyed most while compiling this list was seeing how many different breeds of bird dogs people like to work with.  I am definitely a lab person, but seeing all these blogs really opens my eyes to all the different personalities, strengths and skills that are out there.  Enjoy!

Top 10 Bird Dog Blogs!!!!

Adventures of a GSP Hunting Dog


Robyn, spelled with a “Y” and not an “I”, is the proud owner of German Shorthaired Pointers.  Oh, and she is also interested in photography (she owns a hunting dog photography business!), cooking, hiking, fly fishing, and mixed martial arts.  When you check out her blog, you will see she is quite the accomplished fighter.  Her blog is filled with some of the most beautiful dog photos I have seen on the web.  There are also some excellent posts about her German Shorthaired Pointers, Sage and Fig.

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Setter Tales and Mallard Curls


Bret Wannacott shares his love for his English Setter, Tic, on his blog Setter Tales and Mallard Curls. Bret is an accomplished bird hunter and caller.  He also trains English Setters. Bret’s blog is great because he provides tips and tactics but in a true story teller’s fashion. Each blog post is like reading a great short story, but are filled with tips from a truly accomplished pro.  The pictures provide wonderful illustrations as well.  A great site to visit where you can kick back and enjoy a few well told stories while learning a little something too!

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2 Brown Dawgs Blog


Dedicated to the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 2 Brown Dawgs follows the escapades of the mischievous and adventurous Thunder, Storm, and Freighter.  The site also has fantastic tips for training dogs, bird hunting, and other useful information, like dog first aid. This blog is really well written, the information provided is very accurate and well explained, and the pictures are superb.  Spend some time browsing the plethora of knowledge, enjoy some great pictures of some super cute furry brown dogs, and just simply enjoy this website!

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Hunting Dog Blog


The first time I visited this blog, I have to admit I thought I was in the wrong place.  Those soulful brown eyes under that dark mop of poodle curl did not strike me as “hunting dog.” I don’t know why, but it didn’t. I even thought that was a rawhide bone hanging from the dog’s mouth. This blog follows the training of a standard black poodle named Prinz. Terry, Prinz’s owner, states he is not a professional dog trainer and has started the blog to document the learning process and work required to train a hunting dog.  Terry might not be a professional dog trainer, but this site seems like a trainer put it together.  It has great information, photos, and videos.  Stop by and learn a thing or two from Terry and Prinz!

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A Bird Hunter’s Thoughts


Randy and his five Brittany bird dogs spend each September to March traveling the country and hunting birds along the way.  As Randy and his hunting companions search for chukars, quails, grouse, partridges  and pheasants in places such as Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Arizona, Randy blogs about the dogs, training, hunts, equipment, and even just general musings.  It is a great blog with excellent photography, really useful and helpful information, and some super cute Brittanys!

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Living with Birddogs


Living with Birddogs shares the experiences, training, and hunting of L.J., Andy, Cody, and Ted.  Oh, yeah, and the hunters who follow them! It is a great blog with a huge variety of information. You can read about training techniques on one post, and in another find a bird hunting book review.  There are tons of great photos to accompany all the posts, and the author’s provide an interesting read.  You can spend some serious hours browsing this site.

Website Address:

Bird Hunter


With stories told mostly through photos, this blog is, simply put, beautiful! The images are really just amazing. The author, who has been active in bird hunting for over fifteen years, really knows how to capture the emotions of a hunt. Stop by and enjoy some truly great photography of some terrific bird dogs!

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Point: The Pointing Dog Blog


Craig is a self-described dog nut. And you can clearly tell from his excellent blog that he is indeed a true dog nut! Besides being an active hunter and photographer, Craig also authored the book Point Dogs Volume One: the Continentals. Pretty much, what I am saying here is Craig knows hunting dogs! The photos on the website are stunning, and Craig truly has a gift with his photography that visitors to the site are lucky to get to see.  The information provided is the kind that can only be provided by a true expert bird hunter and dog trainer. A great site you should add to your “favorites” button, as once you visit you will be returning!

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Red Bird Dog


Rod and his two Hungarian Pointers, also known as Vizslas, travel the West tracking down birds and visiting amazing places. Besides having a great collection of stories to share and some fun pictures to go along, this blog has some great information about Vizsla dogs, their habits, training, and just about anything else you could want to know about Vizslas. The cover photo for the blog says it all, these two Vizslas are ready to hit the road and find some birds, which is what a great bird dog blog should be all about!

Website Address:

Gun Dog Forum Blog


This last blog I added is not like the others.  It is not a true blog. I added it because the amount of information on here is great.  Have a question about bird dogs? Anything at all? You can most likely find it here. And if someone hasn’t already asked it, you can pose the question and there will be a great number of helpful responses. The site has a great and very knowledgeable community.  Have a look for yourself and enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Bird Dog Blogs!!!

  1. Thank you for including my BLOG in your list! All of them, including yours, are great reads!


      I think this was the most fun I have had on a blog. I really enjoyed getting to know the authors and their pups through the information and pictures on each of the blogs. And I was amazed out how different each one was. I am even more excited for bird season! Thanks for making a great blog Randy!

  2. Thanks for putting this top 10 list together! I had seen some, but not all, of these excellent sites. I am honored that you included my site. What a great way to start the season.


      Your site is great Terry! And I have to say, I am in love with Prinz!

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