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Fish Recipes

Time spent fishing is time well spent.  Fishing makes us test our patience, take time to just sit and relax, and realize the journey is far more important than the destination.  However, if you happen to have a successful day of fishing that also includes taking home some filets, that just adds to the experience.  Here are some of my favorite fish recipes for a variety of fish.


Striped Bass Cakes – Fried cakes filled with bass, sweet potatoes, celery, red bell peppers, scallion, and ginger

Fish Tacos – Lightly beer battered fish tacos are stuffed with cabbage and jicama.  Topped with the ultimate fish taco sauce!


Foil Wrapped Trout Packs – Cooked right in the camp fire, fresh trout filets are steamed with onions and Worcestershire sauce.

Grilled Orange and Herb Trout – Trout filets grilled with orange slices and fresh dill, tarragon, and parsley


Smoked Salmon Dip – Easy and quick cream cheese and sour cream dip with smoked salmon.

Salmon Burgers – Salmon patties with red bell pepper, ginger, and scallions


Pike Skewers – Grilled pike with rosemary, lemon, and garlic


Dungeness Crab Alfredo – Fresh crab meat in a creamy Alfredo sauce

Kumamoto Oyster Shots – Oysters in a sriracha, lime, rice vinegar sauce

Manila Clam Pasta – Cooked on the grill, manila clams are grilled in a white wine garlic sauce and served over pasta


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