Top Ten Upland Game Hunting Blogs!!!

The opening day of pheasant season did not turn out as I expected.  It was cloudy and cold.  And it rained!  And the rain turned those beautiful slough areas I like to visit during my hunting season into giant mud mosh pits.  My dad always says that on a rainy day you enter the pheasant grounds with hope and optimism, but you leave the pheasant grounds birdless and seven feet tall from all the mud and clay gathered to the bottom of your boots.  Needless to say, my day went similar to my dad’s experiences on rainy days and I gained a good inch in height.

Returning home with empty hands, I decided to lift my spirits I would visit some of my favorite upland game hunting blogs and see how their seasons were going.  My most frequented upland game blogs are full of expert tips and tactics, beautiful photography and other art, and also have great stories.  They truly capture the upland game hunting experience.  So, whether your opening day was promising and plentiful, or a bit disappointing like mine, check out these great blogs and learn a thing or two for your next trip out!  Enjoy and Happy Hunting!

Top 10 Upland Game Hunting Blogs!!!!

Fred Bohm


In 2014, Fred Bohm was struck with a sudden awakening: “We are all in this together whether we know it or not.”  This seemingly simple but complex realization led to Fred’s self titled blog.  In the pages of his blog, Fred shares hunting stores about the “people and creatures I love.”  Fred shares upland bird, as well as wild game, hunting tips, tricks, and techniques through the unique forum of beautiful, rich photographs and a story-telling style.  Each of Fred’s blog posts are not only visually stimulating through his use of photos, but he also keeps things interesting through great stories.  I could sit at my computer all day and read story after story shared by Fred.

Website Address:

The Grouse Father


Upon meeting the “Grouse Mob” behind The Grouse Father, you are quickly introduced to Giuseppe “The GrouseFather” Papandrea, Sam “The Knows” Glasbergen, Michael Richard Thompson “UPLANDISH,” Andrew M. Wayment “Andy,” Landon “The Main’ah” Knittweis, and Archy “THE WISE” Wiseman.  A proper introduction of the six “Grouse Mob” members gets you familiar with their hunting styles, their guns of choice, and their faithful canine hunting companions.  The blog shares great tips and tricks for hunting grouse and woodcocks, great stories, gun information, and musings and information about hunting dogs.  There is also a unique section on the blog dedicated to outdoor art and literature.  The writing on this blog is enjoyable and readable, making it a great blog!

Website Address:

Upland Utah


While mostly following the hunting trips of Brett in the fields of Utah, the Upland Utah blog offers up great hunting tips and tricks that can be implemented anywhere.  Brett says bird hunting is his second biggest passion, falling only behind his passion for family.  His stories of dogs, hunting, and experiences with those he meets along the way are easy to read and full of great information.  There are also some really wonderful product reviews on the site.

Website Address:

Mouthful of Feathers


Mouthful of Feathers is one of the more unique blogs in this list.  The blog has a diverse collection of authors and calls itself a more of an example of the “how-not-to,” as opposed to the “how-to.”  The site really peers into experience of hunting, and why people spend so much time trekking through unbeaten path in search of possibility.  I find the blog to be full of humor, wit, insight, and, of course, a little bit of “how-to.”  Don’t miss the photo gallery when visiting this site; it is filled with beautiful photos that capture the essence of the upland game hunting.

Website Address:

Pheasants Forever


The Pheasants Forever site opens the front page with its mission statement: “Pheasants Forever is dedicated to the conservation of pheasants, quail and other wildlife through habitat improvements, public awareness, education and land management policies and programs.” And when exploring the site, you see it does just that.  There is information about pheasant and other upland game habitat and conservation efforts, how to get started in pheasant hunting, youth involvement, recipes, and product reviews.  The site is a one-stop shop for everything pheasant!

Website Address:

Upland Ways


Follow Andy and Shawn as they explore the uplands! The photography alone on this blog can easily tell a story.  You can breeze through an article, looking at only the stunning photography captured by Andy and Shawn, and take in an entire hunting experience.  However, I have to say, don’t miss the writing because the stories are great and well written.  Looking for a little perspective in life while also learning about upland game hunting?  This blog is the place to stop by and have a look around.

Website Address:

Upland Addictions


This blog’s tagline is “Cut the dogs loose. Wear out a pair of boots. Make some memories.” The author says they started this blog in hopes of capturing the good and bad memories and thoughts with their bird hunting experience.  I love this blog for the writing.  The stories wrap you up and for a while you get to leave your computer and follow the author through the hunting field.  Each article also has great accompanying photos.

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Red Legg’ed Devils


If you are looking for a site with true, pure upland game hunting tips and tactics, Red Legg’ed Devils is a great place to visit.  The author sets out on foot in pursuit of birds and he knows his stuff.  The site is full of information and is incredibly well-written with stunning photography as well.

Website Address:

Chukar Hunting


This blog has it all, reliable product reviews, delicious recipes, videos, tips and tricks, great photography, excellent writing.  It has it all! I could spend all day cruising and exploring this blog, and still not read it all.

Website Address:

A Bird Hunter’s Road


Follow Jay Hanson as he navigates across the Midwestern and Western United States in search of upland game.  This blog is fantastic because the author visits so many different states that you really get a feel for how different bird hunting is across the country, from Montana and South Dakota, to Utah, Wyoming, and Oregon.  Jay has put some serious miles in searching for birds, and the stories are shared in the pages of this wonderfully written and beautifully photographed blog.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out for Upland Utah. It’s very appreciated.


      No problem!!! It is a great blog and I enjoy visiting it to learn more about upland game hunting.

  2. Thanks for the love! Upland Ways is a labor of love for Shawn and I and we are always glad to know people enjoy what we are doing.

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